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"Ultra Clear®" Patented
For Poly Production
Here is a guide to help you use Ultra Clear®

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Drill louvers as usual for louver pins.

Slot one side of louver with router mounted under the table.

Use: AVI Router Slot Bit
Poly - 13/16" O.D.
Wood - 11/16" O.D.

Guide for 3 1/2" louvers (shown) - moves to adapt for 4 1/2" louvers.

SLOT is formed in louver.

Put louver pin (pictured)
AV101-SP-M in opposite side of slot. 

Two piece tension pin for Poly or
AV106-TP hooked tension pin for wood may be needed.

Cutting: Ultra Clear®
We recommend a 12" commercial carbide
non-ferrus metal - 80 tooth blade.

There are several methods to cut to length Ultra Clear®
Here is one way... Place hole strip on
Ultra Clear® and
cut to length as shown.

Ultra Clear®
into your
Poly or Wood

In this case we are making an
Ultra Clear® panel with a divider rail.
This notch in the divider rail allows the entire Ultra Clear® panel to move up and down when using a divider rail.

Glue rails in position on Ultra Clear® side
(make sure glue does not get into
Ultra Clear® mechanism).

Square rails
and make
sure the
glue sets.

Make sure the disc is turned to
close properly.  Place louvers in
position and glue rail to stiles.
Note:  Mortise and tenon rails
in wood.  (Dowel or biscuit as
normal other side).

Other Ideas:
In this case, worker is drilling a bigger
hole in the hole strips to eliminate hang up -

For separate tilt control of upper and lower parts of an Ultra Clear® panel when no divider rail is used, make two (2) saw cuts as shown...1" apart and shake out aluminum
gear mechanism.

(The two separate mechanisms
will now work independently).

For extra wide shutters (28" and wider)
use AVI's - Aluminum Reinforced Louvers with
AVI - Plastic insert adapters.
Simply push out aluminum 1/2" and cut,
then install
AVI 1/2" plastic insert.

Use Ultra Clear® Finger Pulls in the middle of shutter in
children's room for easy access for children's reach.
Note: Cut louver where pull is to be placed = 0.082" thinner.


Ultra Clear® "Transitional Shutter" is made.

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- No Stapling
No Mouse Holes
No Tilt Arms
No Tension Pins or Tension Spring

Retail customers are paying an estimated $40-$50 per panel more for easy to clean - Ultra Clear® shutters!!!

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